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Welcome to the Commodore Special Services site. While you are here we will try to introduce you to some of the services that Commodore offers. We will also try to get a little information from you so we may direct your questions to the right source. If you would rather talk to one of our operations specialists, please contact us at 888-431-4300 or (317) 244-6423 . We will be glad to listen and offer advice as needed.

Intra-Michigan Authority    Since 1968 Commodore Cartage has placed emphasis on its expertise in Intra-Michigan heavy specialized machinery and equipment transport. With a diverse base of equipment composed of Flats and Step Decks, along with its own personalized  fleet of specialized equipment, Commodore Cartage can handle almost any job you may have.

Machinery & Equipment Transport   Across Michigan or across the country, full load or LTL, Commodore specializes in  the transportation of machinery, electronics, robotics, heavy equipment, and construction materials. Whether your load is of legal dimensions or high, wide and heavy,  Commodore has the equipment to get the job done. Please visit our specialized equipment site in for more information on our "curtain steps", "flex vans"  and all the other Commodore equipment available for you to use.

Air Ride Logistics Van   In addition to its specialized equipment Commodore can also offers air ride vans for your use.  These can be utilized for a wide variety of freight, from machinery and equipment to palletized material.

Storage and Warehousing   Storage, warehousing and re-delivery of your freight is available at all three of the Commodore locations. We can offer long and short term storage and have both dock and over-head crane capabilities. Our Warren and Indianapolis locations can also offer loading and re-delivery to your site areas using Commodore's own fork lift service.

Canadian Authority   Commodore operates equipment regularly  into most of the Canadian Provinces.

Logistics Consulting   Commodore has been called upon many times in the past to lend it's expertise to complicated problems confronting our customers. Whether you have 1 load or 1001 loads to move, call on the professional in the field to give you the information you need up front. Many times in the past we have shown up on site to offer our customers the experience and expertise they needed for a particular situation

Commodore has the resources to transport your freight to any point in Mexico. 

If you require Cargo Insurance , we also have the ability to insure your freight up to $250,000.

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