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Specialized Equipment

Since 1968 Commodore Cartage has catered to the needs of machine tool builders and the automotive industry in the greater Detroit area.  As a result we have become a major force in the transportation of special commodities and have access to a wide variety of specialized trailers. All of our equipment is of the highest quality and uses the air ride suspension required to transport delicate machinery.

With service accommodating the continental United States, Canada and Mexico, Commodore should be your first call for transportation services.

Below is only a small sample of the specialized equipment offered by Commodore. Please consult with one of our operations specialists concerning any special needs you may have. They can be reached by visiting our Special Services site or by phone @ 888-431-4300.

Curtainside/FlexVan Machinery Trailer

Developed by Commodore Cartage to transport delicate machinery, these trailers are the pride of the Commodore fleet. Offering a 48 x 102 drop deck design, they can accommodate overhead, side or dock loading. Since no padding or tarps actually touch your machinery, the removal of gauges, valves and other easily damaged items is no longer necessary.  Please visit our photo gallery for more  pictures of these trailers in action.


Commodore Catage Curtainside Flex Van in action !!

These are just some of specialized trailers offered by Commodore. If you have any questions or need more info, please visit our Special Services site or give our office a call @ 888-431-4300 or (317) 244-6423 .  One of the Commodore professionals will be glad to help.

Also please visit our Photo Gallery and check out all the pictures of Commodore trucks in action!