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Operating from Indianapolis In. Commodore Logistics L.L.C. officially opened its doors on December 15th, 1997. Staffed by a team of transportation professionals combining over 75 years of trucking experience, Commodore Logistics stands ready to assist you in a variety of ways, some of which you may never even have thought of.

Utilizing the latest developments in technology, Commodore Logistics can offer you a wide array of services that can be custom tailored to fit your particular needs. These services can range from "just in time" pick up and delivery of your freight, to storage, consolidation and re-delivery of you products. We even offer logistics consulting for your business. Our daily "on hands" experience provides us with up to the minute knowledge of market pricing and supply/demand factors for most geographical areas of the country, allowing us to offer very competitive pricing and services.

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Specializing in coast to coast service and offering Canada and Mexico delivery, we can help you and your company achieve the pick up and delivery requirements you need for your freight.  Our diverse fleet can provide you with Flats, Vans, or a wide variety of specialized equipment for your use. Commodore Logistics is also gearing up to provide storage facilities and fork truck loading and delivery, much like those services offered by Commodore Cartage today.

At Commodore, we realize that the key to success is teamwork. We strive to understand you and your business better each and every day so that we can serve you more effectively. Our primary objective is to build a solid working relationship with you and your organization.  Your problems become our problems and we feel by working together as a team we can resolve these problems faster and more efficiently. By working hand in hand with Commodore Transport and Commodore Cartage we are able to provide services not normally offered by most trucking companies.

Do you have a specific shipment you wish to move, or maybe you just want to learn more about Commodore? Pay a visit to our Special Services site for more information.

Are you a small fleet owner or contractor? Commodore Logistics and Commodore Transport are always looking for qualified professionals to add to their existing fleets.  Visit our Fleet Owners and Contractors page for more details.

Our office can be reached @ 888-431-4300 or (317) 244-6423 . Please give us a call or E-mail us today so we can introduce ourselves to you. After you do, we hope you will feel as we do, that Commodore Logistics is "The Right Call".